Nests and Ancestors

“People of our age suffer and feel alienated because they have cut off all contact with their cultural roots.… We call for a return to the source in order to rediscover a feeling of confidence in the value of our traditional culture, to foster that value, and enrich it. An individual is not a separate, independent entity, but a continuation of the ancestral line, tradition, and culture.”

Thich Nhat Hanh, 1992(“As the bird has its nest, so a person has ancestors”)

Dharma Talks

Taking Refuge

Is taking refuge a strength or a weakness ? How do we recognise a “true” refuge from a false one ? Brother Phap Lai and Sister Thang Nghiem share what Taking Refuge means to them in this Dharma Talk.

What I loved most : Br Phap Lai speaking of taking refuge in one’s actions and  in compassion …

Part of the 2016-17 Winter Retreat at Plum Village.