Core Practice

Myself, Earth and Sangha

Appreciating Mother Earth

On Saturday 10th March, we gathered as a sangha to connect with, appreciate, and learn from Mother Earth. Our guided meditation provides the title for this week’s entry, and prepared us for a contemplative walk in the garden. There were signs of Spring everywhere – from birdsong to tight buds on the trees.

We placed our feet gently on the earth, mindful of Thay’s words in his letter to Mother Earth.

“Dear Mother, you wish that we live with more awareness and gratitude, and we can do this by generating the energies of mindfulness, peace, stability, and compassion in our daily lives. Therefore I make promise today to return your love and fulfill this wish by investing every step I take on you with love and tenderness. I am walking not merely on matter, but on spirit.”

Our experiences culminated in us writing our own letters to Mother Earth, and some of us have chosen to share them here. Dear reader, you may like to compose your own …

Dear Mother Earth

I give back to you as you give to me. With every step that I take knowing you are there to support, sustain and carry me forward on my journey. Knowing that you are the path. You are the earth, and the air and fire and water. You are compassion and kindness, forgiveness and healing. You are everyone and everything that has passed before me. And everyone and everything that will follow after me. You are them and me. And I am them and you. You are body, mind, feelings, perceptions and consciousness. I am body, mind, feelings, perceptions and consciousness. 

When I walk on and with you, I give back all of this.

With respect and gratitude,


Only with careful steps and mindful respect Mother Earth will supply what we expect. By repeating our careful steps with mindful respect, from Mother Earth we will be blessed. Only with careful steps, careful steps.


Dear Mother Earth,

You may not always like what we do to you but you are always love us with your care; air to breathe, food to eat, water to refresh and much, much more.

Thank you,


Dear Mother Earth,

I am so pleased to become re-acquainted with you after I have been absent for so long. Forgive me – I have been remiss; not remembering to thank you for your loving support and sometimes hardly noticing your presence.

Our walks together now are so pleasant. How did I forget how much you nourish me?

I want to thank you now and promise I will remain in touch with you, treating you with respect and doing me best to care for your needs as you care for mine.

In mindfulness,

Your forgetful child,



Dear Mother Earth,

I know I love you.

I love your natural beauty.

Please teach me how to join you, becoming part of you, an element of nature.

Hui-Ling Chen


Dear Mother Earth,

You will be here after I am gone. You will be here long after all now living are gone. You will be here after the last human has gone.

You are not eternal, but will endure while the sun remains stable, a vast span of time. New forms of life will come and go over you, nourished by your air and water. Your volcanoes will belch forth fresh land, renewing the continents as they wear away.

We are not always appreciative.

Today let me feel gratitude for your steady presence, on which I utterly depend.


Finally, here is the Guided Meditation we shared.

Myself, Earth and Sangha meditation

Aware of my in breath, I breathe in.
Aware of my out breath I breathe out.
In breath. Out breath.

Calming my body, I breathe in.
Relaxing my body, I breathe out.
Calming body. Relaxing body.

Aware of my body, I sit upright.
Aware of my body, I sit solidly.
Sitting upright. Sitting solidly.

Sitting in peace, I breathe in.
Letting go of thoughts, I breathe out.
Sitting in peace. Letting go.

Aware of the Earth, I breathe in.
Feeling her solidity, peace and joy I breathe out.
Aware of earth, transmitting solidity, peace and joy.

Sitting on the earth, I breathe in.
Trusting the patience, the freshness, of the Earth, I breathe out.
Sitting on the earth, patient and fresh.

I am fresh like the earth, I breathe in.
I am patient like the earth, I breathe out.
I am fresh, I am patient.

I am the earth, sitting solidity, I breathe in.
I am the earth, sitting peacefully, I breathe out.
I am the earth, solid and peaceful

Touching the joy of our oneness – Myself, Earth and Sangha – I breathe in.
Touching the beauty of our oneness – Myself, Earth and Sangha – I breathe out.
Myself, Earth and Sangha. Joy and beauty.

Please continue to enjoy your practice, feeling and transmitting solidity, peace and joy.








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