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walk with me

walk with me

During the week beginning Monday 22nd January, many sangha members in the Leicester area were able to view one of several screenings of ‘Walk With Me’.

We agreed to share our what we noticed and what touched us. Here are our comments:

“’Walk with Me’ is a wonderful insight into the lives of the Plum Village monks and nuns who ‘walk with’ Thay. Seeing them in walking meditation and the scenes of singing/chanting are particularly beautiful moments.” Kerry

“A beautiful insight into Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings and monastic life. Stunning cinematography. Mindfully filmed with many joyful, poignant and touching moments.” Fal

“The stillness of Thay’s teachings reflected throughout the film.” Steve

“The images that stay with me are those of Thay, whether speaking or silent, and admiring the tree preparing for Winter.” Joan

“Really interesting film. I particularly liked the habit of stopping whatever you’re doing when the clock strikes to bring you back to the ‘here and now’. I also loved the explanation given to the little girl who was so upset about the death of her ‘doggie’.” Liz

“I felt most connected when the camera stayed with the experience of the practice -the Avalokiteshvara chant, heads being shaved, the silent walking. The words read from ‘Fragrant Palm Leaves seemed to come from that same deep place.” Edith


I had found a postcard from the time the film makers were still crowdfunding which reads:

“In May 2011 Thich Nhat Hanh’s monastics invited filmmakers to Plum Village, and to follow them on their world Tour. Through close observation and a series of intimate interviews, ‘Walk With Me’ offers a rare insight into monastic life and the depths of their mindful living.

Honest and heart-warming, this film touches on the universal themes of love, loss and death, relevant not just for the monks and nuns, but for all of us”.

And beyond…

Those of us who gathered for the Tuesday afternoon screening, enjoyed a lively post-film discussion. How did that go…?

Well, as seasoned film goers accustomed to taking a critical view of the films we watch, we may or may not have agreed that the intention outlined in the publicity was entirely accurate; it might certainly have influenced my expectations.

A key question emerged: in our sharing, could we all find something that resonated with us, that spoke to our ‘beginner’s mind,’ at the same time noticing that each of us would have made a different film had we been behind the camera and/or in the editing room?

And then…. is that the same as everything else in life?









One thought on “walk with me

  1. I saw the film in York in a packed cinema. Unlike at a normal film showing, the audience were silent throughout, no talking, munching, drinking, rustling, coughing or playing with phones. Mindful viewing!

    I wasn’t sure what to expect, having not seen the advance publicity statement, but I soon settled into the rhythm of the narrative. The film reminded me of how good the Nottingham retreats with Thay were and what a compelling presence he commands. Of course, my favourite part was when the monastics insisted on singing to the carousel operator in thanks for giving them such a lovely ride!

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