Core Practice, Reflections

The Heart of Leicester

(A) New (way of) Walk(ing) in the Heart of Leicester

New Walk is a feature unique to Leicester; it was first laid out in 1785 as a pathway through open fields with clear views of surrounding countryside.

In the intervening years, New Walk has had times of being a fashionable promenade as well as times of falling into neglect and disrepair. It shows some signs of suffering from past surrounding building work and road construction but it is is now a conservation area – tree-lined and elegant, with public gardens tucked away at intervals along its three-quarter mile length. It is a space we can all enjoy.


On September 3rd this year, when Plum Village monastics join us for a day of Mindfulness in New Walk Museum, we can follow Thay’s advice as we walk along this unique and historic pathway in the heart of Leicester, enjoying peace with every step:


“We who have two legs can easily practise walking meditation. We must not forget to be grateful. We walk for ourselves, and we walk for those who cannot walk. We walk for all living beings – past, present and future.”

The Long Road Turns to Joy – A Guide to Walking Meditation

By Thich Nhat Hanh.

This link is to a more detailed talk by Thay on Walking Meditation.






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